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HdB Media, LLC

Over the past 12 years, HdB Media has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, helping them better communicate their product or service through visual storytelling. This project portfolio will give you the opportunity to browse some of these projects and view some of the stories we have helped communicate, share and amplify. Please contact us at one of the links below for more information.

Color Me Red: A Short Film by Daniel Madison

A short film I wrote and directed for one of my grad school classes at Asbury University in April 2018. No budget meant no crew, so I pulled in my closest companions, my wife and son, to help pull this off. Lacking crew meant little goof-ups here and there, but in the end we made memories within our little 3-piece family I will never forget. Thank you, Karis and Isaac, for your over-the-top hard work on this film. It's a tough story, one I hope to never have to experience in real life. For anyone who has lost someone so close, a short film could never come close to communicating the pain of this type of suffering, but perhaps if nothing else, it will help someone feel again. To feel is to be alive.



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